As your dentists, one of our favorite parts of the job is making you feel better about your appearance. Once we’ve helped you get a beautiful smile, you’ll want to share it without hesitation! 

To kick off your transformation, call our Bonita, CA office to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, check out some services that can enhance your smile. We can:

  • Straighten Crooked Teeth – It’s possible to straighten crooked teeth without the hassle and discomfort of metal braces. With the popular Invisalign system, you simply wear a series of comfortable clear trays. The trays are practically invisible, so you’ll feel comfortable smiling during your treatment. For convenience, they can be removed for meals and oral hygiene. 
  • Hide Dental Imperfections – You can conceal flaws like chips, cracks, and gaps with dental veneers or a bonding treatment. Your dentist will help you choose the solution that best suits your smile. Bonding costs less than veneers, but it’s not as versatile and it won’t last as long. 
  • Remove Stains – A whitening treatment can brighten teeth by several shades. You can get a treatment in our office, or whiten whenever you want at home. If your stains are resistant to treatment, you can cover them up with bonding or veneers. 
  • Replace Missing Teeth – Don’t let gaps left by missing teeth affect your smile. Replacemen teeth will improve your smile’s appearance and its function too. We recommend dental implants for teeth with the most natural feel and function. Your dentist can replace any number of teeth using implants. If you don’t want implants, we also offer dental bridges and dentures. 
  • Show Off Your Teeth, Not Gums – You may have great teeth. But if you have a heavy gumline, they won’t take center stage when you smile. Your dentist can remove excess gum tissue to better spotlight your teeth. We use a gentle laser for a painless process. 

Get a beautiful smile! Call Bonita Family Dental today at 619-257-4297 for an appointment in Bonita, CA. You can also make an appointment online.